Motion Graphics – Not Just a “Pandemic Fad”

Motion Graphics – Not Just a “Pandemic Fad”


Motion graphics picked up steam throughout the COVID-19 pandemic; as live-action multi-person productions grew more complicated to arrange, companies turned to motion graphics for marketing materials, videos, and more. Even as live video shoots become a possibility again, the benefits of motion graphics are too large to ignore. Consider these key advantages of motion graphics and the role they can have in your company even long after the pandemic ends. 

Motion Graphics Came in Hot in 2020 

Motion graphics are two-dimensional or three-dimensional animations that prominently feature text and static imagery as part of the graphic display. Historically, one of the most common uses of motion graphics was title sequences for movies and TV shows. However, today, they can quickly introduce brands, form the title sequence for YouTube videos, and even create whole 'explainer' and storytelling videos. 

While the technology for advanced motion graphics has been around for years, its popularity skyrocketed in early 2020 because of the COVID-19 shutdowns. Crews couldn't gather, but motion graphics don't rely on production crews, groups of actors, or videographers. Instead, they need people who can create compelling storylines and people who understand animation software such as Adobe After Effects. Companies with the right resources were immediately able to make the switch and continue publishing ads on YouTube and OTT streaming platforms. 

The Mo-Graph Revolution 

COVID-19 shutdowns may have prompted the rapid adoption of motion graphics, but the end of the pandemic isn't similarly spelling the end of the trend. In fact, many products, marketers, and companies expect it to continue ramping up. Industries across every sector use motion graphics in internal productions and consumer-facing marketing assets because they work just as well — are quicker to build — and can be even better — than previously popular options.  

Some of the specific advantages of motion graphics include: 

  • The Price: Motion graphics are much more cost-effective, especially when you find the right provider. What’s more, there is no need for a large camera crew because only one person is required to produce motion graphics.  
  • Flexibility and Creative Possibilities: 'Motion graphics' represent a broad category of different artistic styles, storytelling formats, and animation types. Animated videos are much easier to resize into different shapes and sizes to work on different devices.  
  • Time: While a full video shoot requires on-site shooting and editing, motion graphics only require editing, getting your campaign up and running faster.  
  • Reaching Every Video Audience: Video is one of the most important media types for your company to be investing in, and motion graphics can reach every demographic. You can easily create variations of the same ad to A/B test them across different groups and create different types of video perfectly aligned with the best practices for every social media platform. 
  • ROI: Earlier, we mentioned the cost-effectiveness of switching to motion graphics. But that advantage doesn't end with production. Social media platforms like Facebook charge the same for both video and static ads, but you get far more engagement with video. That means motion graphics increase the value of every dollar spent in your ad campaigns.  

Be Prepared for the Ongoing Growth of Motion Design 

Motion graphics aren't going away, but live-action productions are coming back, so there are many possibilities available in the creative marketing world. For example, advertisers can begin to combine the two in hybrid projects that combine text and graphics animations with live-action footage. 

Even a touch of motion graphics to largely live-action video ads can help improve engagement. How? Social media ads are set on silence by default. Captions or videos that don't rely on sound have evolved to solve the problem. Motion graphics are an even better solution that can highlight action, explain concepts, and add more fun. Ultimately, motion graphics can help develop an emotional bond that both text and live-action video can't reach alone. 

At CoxNext, our creative team has explored the development of motion design, which has been evolving behind the scenes for the last decade. Our Motion Graphic Designers are talented in creating engaging, emotionally compelling animations with just photographs, music, and added graphics and text. 

Partner With CoxNext for Your Motion Graphics Revolution 

Marketing with motion graphics has been a growing trend that advertisers and agencies dabbled in before COVID-19. The pandemic streamlined development and exploration as opportunities for live-action video collaborations became too dangerous and abruptly dwindled. However, motion graphics were more than able to pick up the slack. Motion Graphics Designers can create compelling ads that reach audiences on YouTube, OTT platforms, and social media through animated text and images.  

If you want to either start using motion graphics or double down on your current motion graphics advertising campaigns, CoxNext is here to help. Our motion graphics team has positioned us as a design and advertising support leader to help brands reach new audiences.  

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