Unveiling the Secrets: CoxNext Experts Answer 5 Vital Questions on Enrollment Marketing!

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23 Retargeting Statistics You Need to Know

How can you get a “second chance” at attracting customers who have already left your website? That’s the dilemma for almost every business with an online presence. One study found that 97% of visitors

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Why Partner With Multiple Agencies When One Is All You Need?

Digital marketing is a broad field with lots of moving parts. It's easy to find marketing agencies specializing in one or two areas. Alternatively, it's more challenging to find a full-service agency [...]

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10 Key Tips for Using Video Shorts in Social Media Marketing

In recent years, video shorts have become one of the most popular and effective forms of social media marketing. Video shorts (aka "short-form videos") are typically defined as videos that are under [...]

8 Reasons to Use Video Shorts in Marketing

Humans are visual creatures — that’s one reason why, we love watching videos. Even videos that are only a few seconds long can captivate and motivate us like nothing else. It's unsurprising that [...]

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What is a White Labeling Service and Why Should You Consider It?

Are you running a small marketing agency? Are you committed to helping clients turn their poor marketing performance around? Many small operations have the teamwork and dedication to help customers [...]

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