• Do I know what drives my customers to make a purchase?
  • Can I clearly explain my customers’ brand affinities?
  • Do I know what products my customers prefer?
  • Can I list my audience’s top three favorite TV networks?
  • Can I explain to my design team the types of messaging that align with current customers?
  • Why am I running online and offline marketing campaigns in certain mediums and platforms?

Chances are, your answers to these questions are based on information and research that is either out of date or based on how your customers looked in the past.  Our data allows you to capture specifics about who your customer is today and what drives them to make purchases now.”. The Cox Site Analysis Tag allows our clients to answer these questions – and many more – using insights derived from the source: your actual customers.

Everyone loves a good chart

Our insights provide easy-to-digest analysis about your customers’ life stages, media consumption habits, daily routines, brand affinities, demographics, hobbies, and much more.

As you navigate these challenging times, CoxNext is committed to supporting businesses and helping inform your plans for recovery.

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