How Important eCommerce Will Be to Your Business Coming Out of the Pandemic

eCommerce was already thriving before 2020, but the pandemic’s restrictions helped online companies soar with the massive surge of online shopping. The pandemic altered both how businesses run and [...]

September 29th, 2021 | Tags: Industry: eCommerce |

4 Tips for Maximizing Your Return on Ad Spend

In the world of marketing, two terms get thrown around quite a bit: ROI and ROAS. ROI stands for "return on investment," and ROAS stands for "return on ad spend." While at first glance, it may seem [...]

September 15th, 2021 | Tags: Marketing Strategy, ROI, Digital Marketing |

Our Two Cents: How to Quit Wasting Ad Dollars

Marketing spend is a vital expense for all successful businesses. After all, how can you acquire new customers without first presenting your brand to them in an appealing, persuasive manner?   

September 8th, 2021 | Tags: Content Marketing, Digital Advertising |

How to Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is crucial for a business's success, requiring strong campaigns to reach target audiences of all types online. In the cannabis industry, good digital marketing is especially vital [...]

September 1st, 2021 | Tags: Content Marketing, Digital Advertising |

How CoxNext Can Supplement Services for Your Digital Agency

Many traditional agencies have never considered utilizing another agency's expertise, especially if they believe they're fine on their own. However, your business can undergo a dramatically [...]

August 25th, 2021 | Tags: Agency Partnerships |

How The Cookie Crumbles: Tracking Your Data in A Cookie-Less Digital Landscape

Google plans to eliminate third-party cookies by late 2023, meaning advertisers should prepare as soon as possible. Apple has already eliminated unsolicited third-party cookie tracking on its apps [...]