8 Reasons to Use Video Shorts in Marketing

8 Reasons to Use Video Shorts in Marketing

Humans are visual creatures — that’s one reason why, we love watching videos. Even videos that are only a few seconds long can captivate and motivate us like nothing else. 

It's unsurprising that over the past few years, marketers have jumped on the 'video bandwagon' and are constantly looking for new ways to leverage content for a higher ROI. One of the hottest trends in recent years has been the emergence of video shorts, or any video under 60 seconds in length. 

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Unsurprisingly, TikTok has been at the forefront of this movement with a platform specifically designed to deliver video clips. In response to TikTok’s popularity boom, we’ve also seen the rise of YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, among others.  

But why should marketers invest in short videos as a strategy? Let’s discuss seven reasons in particular: 

Reasons to Use Short Videos 

1. They’re attention-grabbing

It’s been said that nowadays, humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish (8 seconds vs. 9 seconds). Whether that’s true or not, marketers must grab their audience’s attention to see results quickly. Shorts are an excellent way to do just that. They arouse instant curiosity and have much higher engagement rates than text or static imagery. In fact, it’s been found that viewers retain 95% of the message when they watch a video versus 10% when reading the text. 

2. They’re shareable

Any social media marketer’s dream is for a video to go viral. Getting that kind of exposure provides a lift in brand awareness. That translates into being top-of-mind for prospects which impacts buying decisions.  

When you use video clips, you enjoy much greater odds for content to go viral. Shorts are super easy to share across social media, and their abbreviated length makes them perfect candidates for virality. 


3. They’re versatile

Quick videos are supremely flexible in where they can be deployed. For example, a company can create one short video and then publish across several social media accounts, apps, and their official website. Moreover, video shorts can target customers at every stage of the sales funnel. Videos can be designed to increase brand awareness, aid in customer research, or even help prospects make informed purchase decisions. 

4. They’re memorable

Video shorts can be exceptionally memorable for engaged viewers. This is especially true if the short has clear educational or entertainment value. How many of us have a TikTok song perpetually stuck in our heads? 

Even videos that are about 30 seconds long can evoke powerful emotions and create a strong connection with their viewing audience. Moreover, memorable video shorts contribute to enhanced brand recall and recognition. A Renderforest survey found that 70% of business agree that videos boost brand awareness. 

5. They’re cost-effective

Shorts are typically very cost-effective compared to other types of video content. For instance, anyone with an iPhone can produce short videos entirely on their own. Even professionally-done shorts are more economical than longer videos. 

Video shorts enable companies with a strict budget to publish and distribute video content to their audience. 


6. They’re mobile-friendly

Brief video content is incredibly easy to consume on mobile devices. Social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube make it a point to format their feed so that mobile browsing is simple, easy, and intuitive. 

With global web traffic share for mobile devices hovering close to 60%, it’s no wonder that so many marketers are investing in video. They want to reach as many relevant mobile users as possible. 

7. They improve SEO

Videos can actually help improve your website’s SEO (search engine optimization). Several factors may come into play here. For example: 

  • Search engines like Google may expect video content on certain search engine result pages (SERPs). Without video, you are unlikely to appear for these queries. 
  • Transcripts of your video shorts are an opportunity to rank for specific keywords. 
  • Video may cause visitors to spend more time on your website which increases the long-click. 

8. They’re accessible

A benefit of short videos is their ability to reach audiences who are diversely-abled. For example, individuals who are hearing impaired may struggle to hear audio ads, and those who are visually impaired may be unable to see certain types of ads. 

With the introduction of closed captions on nearly all platforms, brief video clips have become even more inclusive. Closed captions allow individuals with hearing impairments to follow along with the content, even if they cannot hear the audio. This ensures that they can fully engage with the video and receive the message being conveyed. 

Consider Incorporating Video Shorts into Your Marketing Strategy 

In summary, video shorts have become a powerful tool in marketing, especially in today’s fast-paced digital world. With the rise of social media and the decreasing attention span of viewers, capturing your audience’s attention quickly and effectively is essential. Short videos solve this problem, allowing you to create engaging and attention-grabbing content without spending large amounts. 

Whether you want to increase brand awareness or drive website traffic, video shorts can help you achieve your goals. They provide a creative and versatile way to showcase your brand’s personality while connecting with your audience on a deeper level. 

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