Content marketing has definitely gone mainstream since then, and, as described in a recent article from the Atlanta Small Business Network, it’s “the most powerful way to build brand awareness, drives sales, and boost customer retention. ”

“Businesses which do have an online presence and don’t have an integrated content marketing strategy are throwing away huge potential profits which could be theirs in return for minimal investment,” the article noted, reminding readers that “high-quality, information-rich content tailored to your target customers need not be too costly,” especially when you factor in the longevity of the content.

When you’re looking for help with branding, trying to increase customer interaction, or hoping to cement brand loyalty, content marketing is an obvious choice. But it can also be useful in generating leads. As a Forbes Business Council article points out, “By receiving relevant, quality and free content, people’s attention will be focused on information. Within the content, it is possible to include calls to action, which will help generate more potential customers.”

Whatever your goals, successful content marketing relies on two main pillars: the quality of the content and its distribution.

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