Why One Full-Service Media Partner is All You Need

Why One Full-Service Media Partner is All You Need

Did you know you don't need to search for multiple agencies to get your marketing done? It's true! Although you can search for just social media or SEO agencies, it would be more beneficial to find one full-service digital marketing agency that can cohesively perform all types of marketing services.

The reasons are simple: consumers crave consistency and find that the more brands are consistent, the more trustworthy and reliable they can be. This also means that the ROI of working with one agency is better. This is particularly true for a full-service integrated marketing agency.

Here are the benefits of working with one agency over multiple and why you should make the switch sooner rather than later.  

Digital Solutions for Every Screen  

When one agency offers all marketing services, you can tap into all the potential digital solutions you may need for every screen. You no longer have to pick and choose based on availability — but rather its relevance and importance to your campaign goals.

Not all digital solutions — i.e., social media, email, paid search, audio, over-the-top (OTT), etc. — are suitable for everyone. Advertising budgets range and objectives differ. For this reason, it's better to have access to all of your solutions in one place to identify and utilize the ones that will benefit you most.

It's also important to note that your digital needs will change as consumer behaviors and preferences change. Social media may be the only solution you need or can afford early on, but as your business and advertising budget grow, it's essential to allocate time and money to other popular channels.  

Cohesive Omnichannel Strategy  

Having too many agencies designing marketing channels leads to a disconnect between touchpoints. No matter how hard you try or even how clear your branding style guide is, there's a big chance it won't be the same experience for your audience.

This risk can be detrimental to your growth, considering customers not only appreciate it today but expect it. Research has revealed that a shocking 75% of consumers expect consistency across all channels and platforms today, and at least 73% say they would leave a brand behind if they don't get it.  

Demonstrated Focus on Your Specific Goals  

It's too easy to get lost in the individual goals of each marketing initiative. However, they should all be cohesive and work together to achieve your primary business goals.  

Like Business News Daily so eloquently points out, "Marketing campaigns should not be considered individual functions. Marketing is your brand's story as told to customers; like any narrative, its tone and characters should remain consistent."

The problem with working with two or more agencies is they may focus on different goals and have no seamless way of communicating with each other to link them. On the other hand, when you work with CoxNext, your goals are our goals. All channels are created with the same goals in mind so that you can meet all of your short-term and long-term objectives.  

Flexibility to Adjust Campaigns As Needed  

With frequent monitoring by an agency, campaigns can be improved easily and even quickly when necessary. The most important step forward you can take as a brand is to continually improve and adapt to sudden changes.

This includes having access to accurate and real-time data, especially on your consumer audience, to ensure you deliver the right message to the right people. It's also important for evaluating real-time campaign performances, so you have more flexibility to adjust your campaigns as needed. With CoxNext, reporting is taken off your plate, and creative ideas are always flowing for seamless pivots from your agency.  

One-Stop Shopping Experience  

Your customer experiences with your brand aren't the only things that will be optimized — so will your experience with your agency. The ease of working with one agency is undeniable.

You benefit from one-stop shopping experiences like: 

  • Adding services when you want them  
  • Pay one agency instead of many  
  • Save money when you consolidate all your marketing efforts into one source 
  • Improved return on ad spend (ROAS) – not only do you save money, but you have the opportunity to make more 

The Six Cs of CoxNext   

CoxNext’s strategies ensure you meet your full potential and get ahead of the competition.  

1. Cohesive Strategies 

All your processes will be cohesive with all marketing strategies in one place and the same goals in mind. We prioritize cohesion in every interaction with your target consumers, from beginning to end. They will find that your brand is reliable enough to know what to expect from you at every touchpoint.  

2. Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting 

Don't worry about the analytics: CoxNext manages this and shares every step of the way. Not only will you be able to make essential pivots when necessary, but we offer expert advice, guidance, and best practices for managing and interpreting your data.  

3. Consistency 

Consistency isn't only important for your customers to receive at every touchpoint. It's also essential for your agency to provide you with the same consistent experiences you can rely on every time. You can count on CoxNext as a media partner that has your back, delivering nothing but the best results for your brand every time.  

4. Convenience 

Benefit from a convenient and singular point of contact with CoxNext when you switch to working with only one agency. This way, you don't have to waste essential time contacting all of your agencies with updates and questions and can instead address one source about all channels. This will allow you to get back to more important matters.  

5. Cost-Efficiency  

One media partner is more cost-effective than paying out multiple agencies for different solutions — not to mention, working with a single media partner also yields a higher  ROAS. One report found that a media partner can be up to twice as effective for brands, and CoxNext case studies prove substantial ROIs across industries.  

6. Creativity

Focusing on your creative is vital to reaching and resonating with your audience. Adapting your creative messaging to fit the times has also been highlighted in importance over the last few years (i.e., the pandemic, economic crisis, and social unrest). This is why a creative team with the expertise to develop innovative ideas is crucial to your success and an important component of CoxNext. We understand the value of creativity in advertising and prioritize its potential for innovation.  

What CoxNext Can Do For You 

Not only can you rely on the six C's of CoxNext, but you can also benefit from: 

  • Maximizing your marketing potential with your resources in one location 
  • Delivering a cohesive consumer experience on all channels at all touchpoints. It can be easy for multiple agencies to interpret your branding style guides differently. Still, one agency will ensure it is not only accurately interpreted but delivered true to your brand and consistent throughout all channels.

Schedule a consultation with CoxNext to learn more about our offerings and how we can accommodate all your marketing needs.

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