Why Auto Dealers are Using OTT Over Traditional TV to Sell More Cars

Why Auto Dealers are Using OTT Over Traditional TV to Sell More Cars

Over-the-top (OTT) advertising is one of the most impactful video platforms for reaching targeted audiences as more and more people consume TV through online streaming services. Along with many other businesses looking to connect with consumers, automotive dealerships can impact their monthly sales numbers with measured OTT ad campaigns.

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 If you're wondering what makes OTT advertising for car dealerships so effective, here are some reasons why these businesses are using this medium more frequently.

OTT Is More Efficient Than Traditional TV 

5The main problem with traditional TV is that auto dealers often find that its reach is simply too broad. In many cases, dealerships worry that ads will play in front of too many people who aren't interested in purchasing a vehicle. As a result, they see their commercials as a waste of money more often than not. However, OTT helps dealerships cut through the clutter and reach engaged target audiences who are more likely to be in the market for a vehicle.

Another advantage of this medium is that you can repurpose your TV commercial content, saving more time, energy, and money on producing separate OTT ads. At the same time, you'll know that someone is watching as ads only play when viewers or listeners are streaming. You'll also be able to gain more actionable insights into your audience with viewer and listener details.

While many OTT audiences may also recognize you from TV ads, you can use OTT to reach audiences who don't have traditional TV.

You Aren't Married to Your Creative

This is another key benefit to OTT advertising if you want to make more frequent updates to ads. With OTT, you aren't stuck with the creative used in your ads at any time, unlike TV commercials that take time to pull and replace. Instead, you'll have the freedom to change out ads based on new promotions and offers.  

This makes it easier to offer ads that are more specific to what you're offering at a given time. You'll be able to make sure your ads are consistently relevant, which in turn further drives the results you want from your campaigns. 

Target Those Likely to Stop By Your Lot 

23Using OTT campaigns, you can hyper-target your ads to ensure they reach the audiences most likely to visit your dealership. Advanced targeting options can be tailored to specific auto dealer needs, including service area zip codes, intenders, web traffic retargeting, and competitive targeting.

All of these elements can contribute to a well-targeted campaign that not only engages audiences with initial ads but keeps you top-of-mind. You're not relegated to a single commercial appearance at a specific time that only a handful of viewers may see or register. Your OTT audiences are generally far more likely to be actively interested in your offerings, boosting the ROI of your campaigns and giving you the sense that they're worthwhile.

See What's Working in Real-Time 

20OTT advertising for car dealerships also enables you to create clickable offers that encourage viewers to take immediate action. Whether you want them to browse the selection of vehicles available or contact your dealership, you can equip your ads with a button that helps convert. 

This is considerably different from the static TV commercials that require an extra step for viewers to take, such as calling your dealership by phone or visiting your website by manually entering the URL or searching for you.  

Because of the level of interactivity experienced with OTT ads, the reporting analytics are also better and faster than traditional TV. There are many ways to track your OTT advertising ROI to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns. Based on their performance, you can then adjust campaigns accordingly for optimal results.  

In short, you'll be able to eliminate a lot of the guesswork involved with TV commercials that can make those campaigns less effective. Best of all, you can easily make the necessary changes to improve performance as soon as you need to make them. There's no need to wait around and waste time that you could otherwise spend further optimizing your campaigns and growing your business. 

Equip Your Dealership with a Complete OTT Ad Campaign 

With these automotive advertising tips, you can get started with OTT and streaming for your dealership. 

It's essential to get started on a campaign as soon as possible for your auto dealership so you can get the best possible results from your OTT advertising efforts. You can use this in conjunction with many other lucrative advertising channels, including TV and other types of digital advertising.  

With a campaign of high-quality OTT ads behind your dealership, you can see the kind of results you've always wanted from your advertising efforts. With optimal flexibility, advanced targeting capabilities, and in-depth real-time analytics, OTT is an invaluable asset for your business.

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