Full-Service Marketing: Here's Why Finding One Agency to Do It All Is Worth It

Full-Service Marketing: Here's Why Finding One Agency to Do It All Is Worth It

Why should a business use more than one agency when there are agencies that do it all? Instead of choosing multiple agencies for all marketing needs – social media, search, video etc., the best option is one agency, a true partner. One-stop shopping is possible with the right agency, making all of your marketing efforts consistent and cohesive.

This is important because consumers prioritize united, consistent experiences. One survey even found that 90% of its respondents expected brands to be consistent across all channels. In contrast, another survey reported that 9 out of 10 shoppers want a seamless omnichannel experience 

More than just cohesive strategies and the consistent experience of working with one partner, there is the major advantage of its cost-effectiveness. Choosing one agency is less expensive and is the better choice for your ROI, which should be a significant factor in your consideration. 

Here are some of the top benefits of full-service marketing and finding a marketing agency that can do it all 

Services from an Agency That Does It All  

A marketing strategy is one of the most complex and meaningful parts of a successful business — which is why knowing what to look out for when picking an agency is important. Instead of outsourcing different parts of your marketing to separate agencies, choose one full-service agency. 

It can be hard to know if your company needs a full-service marketing agency, especially if you're unsure what services you'll get. So, make sure you vet each contender for some of the most important channels and abilities.   

For instance, a good agency should have the following:  

  • Website development   
  • Research analysis  
  • Ad creative  
  • ECommerce strategies  
  • Native advertising  
  • OTT/Streaming  
  • Video ads
  • Audio/Podcasts  
  • Paid media  
  • Consumer data insights  

More Things to Expect When You Choose One Agency  

Let's face it — juggling several agencies for different marketing initiatives is a hassle. Even more, it's often riddled with miscommunication and disconnection. Considering research reported by HubSpot has found that the biggest frustration among consumers is inconsistent brand messages, consolidating your advertising efforts into one agency could make a substantial difference. It can also benefit you with the following points. 

A Cohesive Strategy  

For your brand messages and experiences to be consistent, they must also be cohesive. Working with multiple agencies specializing in different areas risks every team managing your strategies and touchpoints on a separate page. 

A good example would be one agency controlling your content marketing strategies and another running your social media strategies. Suppose a customer follows you on social media because they like your witty and playful voice but doesn't receive the same experience with your content marketing. In that case, you risk coming off as inauthentic and questionable. 

For instance, a full-service agency, like CoxNext, specializes in both (and more!), so you wouldn't have to worry about consumers having different experiences on different channels.  

The Latest Marketing Trends and Technology  

Staying up to date on the latest marketing trends and technology is imperative to success. A full-service agency stays current on everything from the most popular platforms and new buyer behaviors to social changes driving purchasing decisions.  

For instance, CoxNext always emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in marketing. Not only because the younger generations like Gen Z and Millennials now prioritize it, but because 64% of the consumers — of all generations in the U.K., Brazil, and the U.S. — have said they want to see more of it in advertising.  

Additional Services Are Available When You Need Them    

Marketing is constantly evolving, especially as your business continues to scale. Chances are, you will require more marketing on more channels as your customer base grows and your brand expands into a larger portion of the market. 

This is where access to additional services can significantly impact your success.  

CoxNext, in particular, can manage your marketing exclusively or supplement advertising services when your in-house marketing team needs more resources to thrive and expand. This way, you can add services to a media partner you already know you can trust rather than going on the search again. 

Level Up with a One-Stop-Shop Media Partner That Does It All  

Your marketing is too important to rely on multiple agencies to achieve your goals. What's more, the responsibility of keeping all of these agencies aligned and consistent with your brand falls on you. There are more important matters for you to tend to, and one agency is all you need to ensure you won't have this problem. 

After all, one agency means fewer chances for inconsistent and unaligned customer experiences and more touchpoints that customers can rely on. CoxNext's capabilities, team, values, and strategies come together to get your brand in front of the right people with the right message. 

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