Break Up With Your Agency, Cause I'm Bored

Break Up With Your Agency, Cause I'm Bored

Do you find yourself snoring about your marketing agency's plans? Chances are your audience will feel the same way about your ads and content. The last thing you should find yourself is bored and disinterested in what your agency has in store, making this one of the most prominent signs that it's time to break up with them.

The right agency will work to innovate with exciting creative ideas rather than roll out the same old generic strategy over and over again. A bland and uninspired agency, on the other hand, could wind up harming rather than helping you.

If you're thinking of changing things up by looking for a more compatible agency, there are several ways to determine if you're better off taking your business elsewhere.


It's Not You, It's Me

You should never be bored when viewing your creative and feel blasé about the results, as this indicates that your marketing materials aren't reaching their full potential. It's not enough to just have marketing campaigns behind your business—those campaigns need to be engaging and lively for them to drive success. Poorly designed and unimaginative creative and strategies will likely only yield mediocre results at best, leading to a wasted marketing budget.

You need to be happy with the results of your marketing efforts to justify the cost of an agency. If you're not satisfied and it doesn't look like your agency is interested in helping you succeed so much as keeping you on as a long-term client, it's probably best to start considering that break up. 

With so many agencies available, there's no reason to feel stuck with one that's not performing to your standards. Even if it seems like it might be a hassle, the longer you hold off breaking up with an agency, the more time and money you're likely to waste.

Time for a Change

In one of our recent posts, we discussed the red flags indicating it's time to break up with your current agency. Some of the clear signs that can let you know it's time for a change may include:

  • Inadequate communication
  • A lack of responsiveness
  • Infrequent or no updates
  • Failure to keep up with your campaign's performance
  • They don't seem to be giving your campaigns enough attention
  • They aren't presenting any fresh ideas

A good agency will be there to ensure you're not only satisfied with the results of your campaign but delighted. The more excited you are about your marketing efforts, the more excitement is likely to translate to your audience's reactions. If you feel your current marketing efforts aren't up to snuff, you shouldn't feel stuck with them. A bad relationship (with your agency) isn’t good for anyone!

Spice Up Your Life

Finding the right media partner to work with comes down to making sure they're a good fit in the long term. Ideally, you'll be comfortable working with an agency for many years without your marketing efforts going stagnant at any point. I mean, no one likes a short-term relationship, right?

As you begin your search for the perfect agency, there are some specific things to look for that can let you know if they're worth the investment. Asking a digital marketing agency the right questions can help guide your decision.

Can They Grow with Your Business?

Your agency needs to be able to both scale its services and evolve them with your business. Ask a prospective partner about how they intend to adapt to industry changes or switch things up creatively. As your business develops and tries new things, is your agency willing to do the same? Suppose an agency hints at a one-time, cookie-cutter solution that's going to provide long-term results. In that case, this could indicate that they're not interested in giving you anything new or exciting down the line. 

Does Their Previous Work Leave You Inspired?

Take a look at an agency's past work and the creative they've developed for previous clientele. If you find your eyes glazing over and you're just not feeling like their results are up to your standards, this is an early warning sign to stay away and continue your search. The right partner will highlight the unique solutions they developed for different clients based on their specific industries and needs. If it seems like a potential partner is mostly offering generic solutions and nothing fresh, this is likely to hold your business back.

Are They Eager to Understand Your Brand's Specific Needs?

A reliable agency will show that they're willing to understand everything about your business and brand to inform their marketing. Are they asking questions about what your business is all about and what you want to get from your branding? Your partner should understand your business’s ins and outs to develop a marketing plan that best suits your brand. They should also make you feel that it's okay to say "no" if you're dissatisfied with results at any point, working to optimize campaigns to your liking.

With an agency you can count on to give you a winning solution that's right for you, you'll be able to build a truly beneficial relationship and get the most from your marketing. If you're bored and your current agency's efforts have you regularly rolling your eyes to the point where it hurts, consider hiring a digital agency that's going to give you something to look forward to. No one wants a boring relationship with their agency!

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